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Shaped Cloth Masks

Strap and backing colors will vary.  All masks are 2 layers of quilting cotton.  They have ear-loops but can be made to be tie-on by request.

Tie-on works better for me if I have to wear them for longer periods of time, they stay on and don't slip down like ear-loop ones can.

Shaped masks come in Large/Mens, Women/Teen, Age 7-12, and Age 3-6 (some inventory limited).

*note: I prefer the Large size instead of the women's size when I'm wearing my glasses, they fog up less because the mask comes up higher on my face*

(Shaped masks are made following this pattern:

Washing instructions:

Machine washing is fine (any temp).   Remove pipe cleaner nose wire first to avoid rusting.  Hang to dry is best to keep it from warping

Pay as you can

I've been shipping masks to Planned Parenthood and sent some to the Navajo Nation as well as making them for friends, family, and any essential workers who need them. 

All money received pays for supplies for donated masks.

Use the following coupon codes to pay the price that works for you. 

Coupon codes:

10% off: use code 10percent

25% off: use code 25percent

50% off: use code 50percent

100% off: use code FREE